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Are you interested in improving neighborhood quality of life?

Helping to reduce litter and identify unsafe or unsatisfactory property conditions (such as overgrowth and debris)?

Reporting safety issues and problems in sidewalks, streets, signage and other infrastructure?

Midtown Improvement Walks are a way to identify problems and bring them to the City of Albany’s attention for correction, using the See-Click-Fix (mobile phone app or online). See-Click-Fix is a community reporting (311) system that allows citizens to take an active role in improving quality of life by reporting non-emergency issues. Some of your neighbors are doing this already, and we’ll help you learn how to identify problems for action by various City Departments. We’ll also follow up to ensure that the problems we identify together are being addressed.

Want to participate or find out more? Email or call (below) and we’ll get you started. Volunteers are asked to dedicate a couple of hours a month to identify problems and quality-of-life issues through neighborhood “walks.” Our program is focused on the Midtown area (Lake to Allen, Park to Central), although the approach can also be used elsewhere in the City. Anyone with an interest can participate, but we ask that you observe the guidelines (available at pinehillsna.org), and sign up so that we can help you learn how to recognize actionable issues and report them. We’ll connect you with others if you would like to walk in groups. Maybe you have other friends or neighbors who’d like to join, and the more walkers, the better. We also ask that you join the neighborhood association if not already a member.

If interested please send your name, contact info (email, mobile or other phone) to:

phnaimprovementwalk@gmail.com  (or call 518 348-9724)

The purpose of the Midtown Improvement Walk program is to help residents address neighborhood
quality-of-life issues by reporting problems and common code violations using See-Click-Fix in the
Midtown area (Lake to Allen, Park to Central).

General Procedures:
• Volunteers can walk on their own (but only in daylight), or in groups.
• Problems are reported through See-Click-Fix including safety issues, trash, and property
maintenance/condition issues.
• This is a once a month commitment but volunteers can put in more time if they choose.

1. Only conduct walks during the day time and dress for the weather.
2. Always carry your mobile phone to document situations and if necessary call for an emergency.
3. Never go on private property.
4. Avoid confronting residents/homeowners directly regarding an issue.
5. Walks are to document conditions within the midtown watch area (Lake to Allen, Park to Central).
NOTE: Using the the “Follow” feature of See, Click, Fix you can see all issue reported within the
Midtown Watch Area. Do not worry about reporting the same violation as someone else; one of the
goals is to ensure that noticeable and repeat problems are addressed.
6. If you observe a dangerous situation or crime in progress, back away from the area and contact the
police 911 (or for non-emergencies: 518-438-4000).
7. Our job is simply to observe and report; we are not police officers nor are we enforcement agents (do
not act like one).

Volunteers report issues using See-Click-Fix (mobile app or online). Each issue reported needs a specific location (you can provide address or if using a mobile device usually the address/location self-populates). See-Click-Fix provides 34 categories to report under (including an “other” category); a list is provided below. Reportable problems include, for example, unsafe buildings, overgrowth (e.g., grassover 12”), graffiti, streetlights out or flickering (provide pole #), uneven, unsafe sidewalk, sinkhole,trash on sidewalk, un-shoveled sidewalk (owners have 24 hours after snowfall to clear a walkway of at least 3 feet wide).

Litter Patrol:
Volunteers may also choose to pick up litter/trash (in addition reporting major problems for City
action). Gloves and plastic bags are available, and trash can be disposed of on the regular pickup day or
any time in the dumpster on the SE corner of Alumni Quad.