Pine Hills Neighborhood in Albany, NY


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Membership runs from January 1 through December 31. Multi-year memberships are welcome!
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The mission of the Association is to preserve and improve conditions that make the Pine Hills Neighborhood a viable and pleasant place to reside, work and enjoy life. To accomplish this mission, and improve and promote the neighborhood and general conditions within the City of Albany, the Association works to:

A. Identify issues of interest and concern to the neighborhood;
B. Encourage the free exchange of information and debate among residents by providing a forum for these issues;
C. Form interest groups to arrive at decisions and recommended actions on these issues;
D. Advocate with governmental, educational, and other policymakers to advance the interests of the residents, businesses and not-for-profit institutions in the neighborhood;
E. Participate with other neighborhood associations, groups and in the activities of the Council of Albany Neighborhood Association (CANA);
F. Promote the neighborhood through communications and by fostering activities and events that are beneficial to the neighborhood, its residents and community spirit;
G. Empower neighbors by providing meaningful leadership opportunities; and,
H. Foster growth and diversity to move the neighborhood forward in the 21st Century.


Our History & Neighborhood

The Pine Hills Neighborhood Association (PHNA) was first founded in 1900 and is the largest neighborhood association in Albany.


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Pine Hills is bordered by: Washington Ave to the North; Lake Ave to the East; Woodlawn & Cortland to the South; and Manning Boulevard to the West.  Come & see us. Until then, checkout the pictures in our Photo Album