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Pine Hills Improvement Group (PHIG)

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The Pine Hills Improvement Group (PHIG) is a committee of Pine Hills Neighborhood Association (PHNA). We are working to help make the student neighborhood of Midtown Pine Hills the dynamic, enjoyable place to live that it can be for all of us — permanent residents, students, business owners, institutions, agencies, etc.

While the primary focus of our efforts is the area bordered by Washington Ave, Main, Myrtle, and Lake, we are also concerned about the impact on nearby areas as well. We welcome all stakeholders involved in some way in the neighborhood.

PHIG typically meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30pm in one of the community rooms at the LaSalle School’s Hanner Cultural Center on Western Ave and Partridge St (except for July, August, and December). We also continue to gather insights, concerns, and ideas from our neighbors and other stakeholders in this part of Pine Hills.

PHIG works with the University at Albany’s Neighborhood Life to plan Meet, Munch, & More each September and Neighborhood Dinners.  We have also developed the BiWeekly CleanUp Program for Midtown Pine Hills with UAlbany student groups, and we are working on Public Art Projects with Upstate Artists Guild.  To keep up with PHIG News, follow us on Facebook.

PHIG also participates in the Committee on University and Community Relations (CUCR).  More information is available on the College & Community section.

Some Background:

PHIG grew out of a series of discussions in the fall of 2013 about the state of the student area of Pine Hills. Several stakeholders began meeting in November 2013 to share ideas for how to improve this part of the neighborhood, building in part off of the Midtown Study and Education District Enhancement Study. Our goal is not to study the problem or focus on frustrations, but rather to focus on actions we, as a small group of volunteers, can take and or promote.

We began developing a draft ideas chart, collecting the insights of those who have participated in our meetings as well as email discussions, and by examining those studies along with the Albany 2030 plan and Mayor Sheehan’s Transition Team Report. We developed the draft PHIG ideas chart to help us understand what all of these sources have to say. We then developed a draft planning chart to help guide us and narrow down what we can do, support, promote, and advocate.

We are also continuing to accept concerns, insights, and ideas from all stakeholders in this area of Pine Hills. If you have thoughts to share that you don’t see in our draft ideas and planning charts, please contact Carolyn Keefe at Also, we are willing to come to your group to gather information as well.