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Why: Improve appearance of designated part of Midtown by reporting common quality of life violations via See-Click-Fix app. Be a friendly, nonthreatening presence in the neighborhood.

When: One evening a month – 1-2 hours during daylight hours

Who: Anyone with an interest. No need to live in Midtown.

How: Send name, email and cell phone info to John Clarkson clarkson1956@gmail.com

Requirements: Be a member of the Pine Hills NA and adhere to the guidelines.

Program Starts: Ongoing

What’s In It for You? – Satisfaction of seeing improvements in Midtown neighborhood.

Midtown Improvement Walks

As the original purpose of the Midtown Neighborhood Watch has continued to evolve, the

Pine Hills and Beveryck NA’s, along with volunteers, have agreed that the current purpose to improve the neighborhood by the reporting of common code violations using See-Click-Fix. Therefore, the procedures have been simplified.


General Procedures:

  • Volunteers can walk on their own but only in daylight, thus eliminating the need for buddies
  • No identifying clothing (armbands, hats, vests) need be worn
  • No need to check in first with CSR security building
  • This is a once a month commitment but volunteers can put in more time if they choose.


Safety Rules:

  1. Only conduct walks during the day time and dress for the weather.
  2. Always carry your cell to document situations and if necessary call for an emergency.
  3. Never go on private property.
  4. Avoid confronting residents/homeowners directly regarding an issue.
  5. Stay within the boundaries of the watch area (Lake to Allen, Park to Central).
  6. Report any and all quality of life issues observed through See, Click Fix (take pictures if possible). Report using the Midtown Watch designation on SCF. Engage the “Follow” feature of See, Click, Fix. Directions: At SCF, log in as yourself, and use “Follow” feature to designate Midtown Watch. This feature can be useful in compiling data about the effectiveness of this initiative. Don’t worry about reporting the same violation as someone else. Rather too many reports than none.
  7. If you observe a dangerous situation or crime in progress, back away from the area and contact the police 911 (or for non-emergencies: 518-438-4000).
  8. Our job is simply to observe and report (think journalist); we are not police officers nor are we enforcement agents (do not act like one).



Volunteers should look for and report quality of life issues on See-Click-Fix. Each issue reported needs a specific location (you can provide address or if using a mobile device usually the address/location self-populates). See-Click-Fix provides 34 categories to report under (including an “other” category); a list is provided below. Major reporting categories include, for example, unsafe buildings, overgrowth (e.g., grass over 12”), graffiti, streetlights out or flickering (provide pole #), uneven, unsafe sidewalk, sinkhole, trash on sidewalk, un-shoveled sidewalk (owners have 24 hours after snowfall to clear; must clear a walkway of at least 3’ not just a narrow single file path).


Litter Patrol:

Neighborhood Walk volunteers may also choose to pick up litter/trash, and gloves and plastic bags will be available at neighborhood association meetings. Trash bags can be disposed of in the dumpster on the SE corner of Alumni Quad.